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Alliance "Russian Textile" is the leading company on the Russian textile industry and a noticeable member of Russian business community. Growing market share and excellent sales figures, regular investments in technology and product development have made us a well know company in Russia and abroad.
Business fields: production and realization of textile consumer goods and all kinds of textile cloth; clothes and accessories production; the distribution of textile consumer goods.

Market share in the cotton cloth segment:
  • 25% (according to industry experts);
  • The market share in 2015 (prognosis) is 30%.

Alliance Russian Textile in the ratings:
  • 2006 – Expert 400 ranking. The company earned the No. 268 ranking on the ‘Expert 400 best Russian companies’.
  • 2006 – The company earned the No. 352 ranking on the ‘RBC 400 best Russian companies’
  • 2005 – The company earned the No. 233 ranking on the ‘RBC 500 top Russian companies’
  • 2005 – The company earned the No. 400 ranking on the ‘RBC 500 Russian companies of 2015’;
  • 2005 – The company earned the No. 158 ranking on the ‘Forbes 200 best companies list’;
  • 2005 – Expert 400. The company is 272nd in the ranking of 400 top Russian companies;
  • 2005 – Finance 500. The company is 291st in the ranking of 500 top companies of Russia;
  • 2004 – Finance 500 ranking. The company is second in the sector of ’25 top companies, ranked by growth rate’;
  • 2004 – Forbes 200. The company is 96th in the ranking of ‘200 top nonpublic companies;
  • 2003 - Interactive Research Group. The company is first in the ranking of 100 the most successful Russian FMCG companies, Textile products and clothes sector.

The number of regional affiliates: 64

The whole turnover of Alliance Russian Textile:
  • 2006 – 337 million dollars;
  • 2005 – 323 million dollars;
  • 2004 – 276 million dollars;
  • 2003 – more than 250 million dollars;
  • 2002 – more than 200 million dollars;

Production figures of Alliance Russian Textile:
  • Yarn – 37 756 tons;
  • Greige fabrics – 250359,2 thousand running meters;
  • Finished fabrics – 201 153,6 thousand running meters;
In 2004 Alliance Russian Textile was the first Russian company which started to export printed fabrics and home textile to the countries of Western Europe.

Investments in the re-equipment of Alliance Russian Textile factories and creation of new production facilities:
  • 2003-2005 – 50 million dollars;

Alliance Russian Textile comprises 6 factories:
  • OAO ‘ Teykovsky HBK’
  • OAO ‘Tovarishestvo Tverskaya Manufaktura’
  • OAO ‘Muromsky HBK ‘Krasnuy Luch’’
  • OOO ‘Kamushinsky HBK’
  • OOO ‘Teykovskaya Fabrika Regeneratcii hlopka’
  • ‘Alliance Kazakh Russian Textile’ (a joint project of Alliance Russian Textile and Kazakh OOO ‘Murzakent’).

The History of Alliance Russian Textile. Main stages.

  • Alliance Russian Textile became an award-winner of Russian Federal Program ‘100 best consumer goods of Russia’;
  • Alliance Russian Textile paid off 71808 million rubles according to the second coupon of 3-series bonds;
  • OAO ‘Alliance Russian Textile’ paid off bonds of first loan;
  • Alliance Russian Textile paid off 63,58 million rubles according to the third coupon of 2-series bond;
  • Launching of new finishing factory of Teykovsky HBK. The investment in the infrastructure and equipment was more than 10 million dollars;
  • The production of Alliance Russian Textile received a high quality certificate from ROSTEST.
  • OAO ‘Alliance Russian Textile’ fulfill commitments of third loan pay-off;
  • Alliance Russian Textile’s offer by second bond loan was successful;
  • The asset value of the company increased by 55%;
  • Alliance Russian Textile paid off bonds of fifth coupon period of first loan;
  • OAO ‘Teykovsky HBK’ was rewarded at 6th Moscow International innovation and investments salon for the active innovative program of manufacture modernization;
  • OAO ‘Alliance Russian Textile’ was ranked at the RBC ranking of 600 top Russian companies.

  • Launching of ‘Teykovskaya cotton regeneration factory’ to recycle textile wastes;
  • Second placement of bond loan of 1 billion rubles;
  • The launch of the weaving and spinning factory #3 of Kamushinsky HBK;
  • Third placement of bond loan of 1,2 billion rubles;
  • The opening of 13 new local offices; the whole number Alliance Russian Textile regional offices is 64;
  • The launch of a new fabric finishing production in OAO ‘Tovarishestvo Tverskaya Manufaktura’;
  • The launch of weaving and spinning factory ‘Alliance ‘Russian Textile’ in Chikment city in Kazakhstan (joint project of Alliance Russian Textile and OAO ‘Murzakent’)
  • The launch of diversified trademarks range for the different marketing segments: ‘Unisone’, ‘Romantica’, ‘Postelkin’.

  • Alliance Russian Textile had increased authorized capital up to 2 billion rubles;
  • Completion of the equipment modernization at OAO ‘Tovarishestvo Tverskaya Manufaktura’;
  • The extension of local offices network in the regions;
  • Start of home textile production. The name of new brand is ‘Unisone’.

  • Alliance Russian Textile increased authorized capital up to 500 million rubles;
  • First placement of loan of 500 million rubles;
  • OOO ‘Kamushinsky HBK’ increased authorized capital of 123,5 million rubles;
  • OOO ‘Tovarishestvo Tverskaya Manufaktura’ increased authorized capital of 61 million rubles;
  • Installation of imported equipment at hackling sector of spinning factory OAO ‘Tovarishestvo Tverskaya Manufaktura’;
  • Creation of local offices network;
  • OAO ‘Tovarishestvo Tverskaya Manufaktura’ paid off the bond loan.

  • The opening of the regional subsidiaries in some constituent territories of Russian Federation.
  • OAO ‘Tovarishestvo Tverskaya Manufaktura’ placed a loan of 100 million rubles.

  • The creation of OAO ‘Alliance Russian Textile’;
  • The acquisition of factories: OAO ‘Teykovsky HBK’, OAO ‘Tovarishestvo Tverskaya manufaktura’, OAO ‘Muromsky HBK ‘Krasnuy Luch’, OOO ‘Kamushinsky HBK’.
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