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The Company aims to increase market value of the Company by improving corporate management and increasing the effectiveness of commercial activity.

Alliance Russian Textile have successfully optimized companys structure and implemented a conception of strategic management.
  • Company philosophy and business principals have been identified;
  • 500 million rubles share issues have been authorized;
  • 500 million rubles corporate bonds have been issued;
  • The second corporate bonds issue of 1 billion rubles was authorized;
  • The corporate value system was declared to form a corporate culture;
  • The companys strategic goals were defined; the time and the strategy needed to achieve the goals were defined too;
  • Alliance Russian Textile strategy has been developed and implemented;
  • Effective management system have been implemented, the main principles are:
    • clear system of accounting and reporting;
    • management activity synchronization in order to reduce costs;
    • centralized project finance.
  • The mechanism of short-term and long-term strategic planning was implemented;
  • The strategy of production basis development was identified;
  • The newly implemented system allowed the Company to conduct marketing research, to systematize internal and external market information and quickly respond to the changing market environment.

Due to the right development strategy Alliance Russian Textile gains clients and partners confidence. In turn that brings the company a steady growing turnover figures.
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