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A high level of companys management professionalism is a key factor that provides a dynamic development of the Company. The top management of Alliance Russian Textile is a strong team of managers, who harmonize a good managerial experience and an excellent education.

Zein Akhabaev Zein Akhabaev

Chairman of the Board
Konstantin Volkov Konstantin Volkov

Vladimir Stolyarov Vladimir Stolyarov

Senioir Vice President
Alexey Krikun Alexey Krikun

First Vice President
Pestryakova Elena Pestryakova

Vice President (Sales)
Ivanov Alexey Ivanov

Vice President (Raw materials)
Gerasimenko Dmitriy Gerasimenko

Vice President (Production)
Tarasova Nataliya Tarasova

Vice President (Finance)
Tulaeva Svetlana Tulaeva

Vice President
(Planning and Analysis)
Vinogradova Nataliya Vinogradova

Vice President (HR)
Andrey Chirkov Andrey Chirkov

Vice President
Matusov Igor Matusov

Director (Legal department)
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