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The goal of Alliance Russian Textile production policy is to increase its own production facilities of releasing qualitative fabric according to EU quality standards.

The Alliance Russian Textile comprises 6 factories:
  • OAO ‘ Teykovsky HBK’
  • OAO ‘Tovarishestvo Tverskaya Manufaktura’
  • OAO ‘Muromsky HBK ‘Krasnuy Luch’
  • OOO ‘Kamushinsky HBK’
  • OOO ‘Teykovskaya Fabrika Regeneratcii hlopka’
  • ‘Alliance Kazakh Russian Textile’ (a joint project of Alliance Russian Textile and Kazakh OOO ‘Murzakent’.

Plans of Alliance Russian Textile include further modernization of technological process and equipment in order to improve the quality of the final product.

OAO ‘Alliance Russian Textile’ is an official dealer of OAO ‘Textilemash’ (Cheboksaru city) and distributes replacement parts for the ‘STB’ and ‘STBU’ weaving looms over Central Federal District in Russia. The address of the warehouse of these replacement parts is Ivanovskaya oblast, town Teykovo, Sergeevskaya street, 10. The warehouse is on the territory of OAO ‘Teykovsky HBK’. Tel.: +7(49343)20-415, fax: +7(49343) 24-886.
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