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Kamushinsky HBK is a biggest enterprise of the Russian textile Industry. In the second half of the 20th century the enterprise got the status of the largest textile factory complex in Europe. today Kamushinsky HBK produces millions running meters of cloth for the Russia and abroad. In 2001-2002 Kamushinskaya weaving and spinning factory #1 merged with Kamushinskaya weaving and spinning factory #2, thus OOO ‘Kamushinsky HBK’ have been created and merged with Alliance Russian Textile.

Kamushinskaya weaving and spinning factory ¹1 is a big textile enterprise, that produces more than 12 million running meters of greige cotton cloth per month: calico, flannel, ticking, etc. Although the factory produces up to 1300 tons yarn goods (the number of the goods is from 20 to 54). Special features of the factory are the full automation of the production process and high-skilled personnel.

Kamushinskaya weaving and spinning factory ¹3 has a new weaving and finishing equipment. The production of cloth have been renewed from 1st of July 2004. From 2004 there are 5 fully equipped weaving technological lines.

In 2001 Alliance Russian Textile created a new educational center in Kamushin. It helps to prepare high-skilled personnel for the new fabric. The production of the Kamushinsky HBK helps to provide 30% of yarn, needed by Alliance Russian Textile.

Production figures of Kamushinsky HBK in 2006:
  • Yarn: 19 000 tons;
  • Gray cloth: 129 million running meters.

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