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Manufacture   |   Muromsky HBK ‘Krasnuy Luch’

A well-known cotton factory produces a high-quality cotton fabric more than a century. Muromsy HBK ‘Krasnu Luch’ is a leading manufacturer of ticking cloth.

Some history: ‘If you’re walking around the city you will notice a high building near the river Oka. If you come close to the building, you will notice a foundation date: 1900. A first weaving factory started to work that year. It was a 2-storey building and 820 weaver’s loom. The factory was built by Murom’s merchants as a joint commercial venture. Shortly after the foundation a small section for the preparation room was built. In 1908 a one-storey extension for additional 2800 weaving looms. The factory produced coarse calico, cretonne, and tartan’.

The integration of the factory to the Alliance Russian Textile gave a spark to the dynamical development of the enterprise. The program of technical re-equipment of the factory was created, the engineering building has been reconstructed and innovative technologies have been implemented.

Nowadays Muromsky HBK ‘Krasnuy Luch’ is the only enterprise in Russia, which produces mattress ticking. The factory is equipped by modern weaving and spinning equipment.

The production figures in 2006
  • Yarn: 4 thousand tons;
  • Greige cloth: 3 million running meters.

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