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Teykovsky Cotton Factory (OAO ‘Teykovsky HBK’) is one of 6 companies of Alliance Russian Textile. OAO ‘Teykovsky HBK’ is the biggest company in Ivanovskaya oblast and was established in 1787.

Teykovsky HBK releases 150 million tons of finished cloth per year. Due to the Teykovsky HBK integration to the structure of Alliance Russian Textile, Teykovsky HBK gave an impulse for the further development. From 2001 to 2005 the equipment of the factory was modernized and new innovative technologies have been implemented. That increased the production level; today it's much better than it used to be in Soviet era.

Production figures in 2006:
  • Yarn: 3 thousand tons;
  • Greige cloth: 83 million running meters;
  • Finished cloth: 151 million running meters;

The enterprise is fitted out with spinning equipment, textile machinery and finishing equipment. Today a new equipment for the new finishing factory is installing.

During the first six months of 2006 new equipment have been installed:
Equipment Manufacturer Manufacturer’s country: The number of units:
Flame singeing machine Osthoff Germany 1
Bleaching machin Kusters Germany 1
Printing machine Unica Reggiani Italy 2
Tenter drier Termo Italy 2
Automotive color-boiling machine Termoelektronik Italy 1
Calender Ramish Guarneri Italy 1

Strategic plans of Alliance Russian Textile include: further investment in technical re-equipment of the factory. It allows widening a range of fabrics and offering other kinds of cloth finishing. It also allows to radically improve the quality of finished cloth.
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