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Alliance Russian Textile aims to produce goods according to the world's standards of quality and security standards. We're implementing special export program.

Having own production assets equipped by the cutting-edge textile machinery, Alliance Russian Textile actively exports fabric abroad. The main consumers of Alliance Russian Textile Fabrics are Italy, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Great Britain, and Spain. Due to the highest quality and reasonable prices there is a great demand for the export fabrics in CIS and European countries. Coarse calico and 100% gray/bleached cloth (the width 150 and 308 cm) are dominated in the range of exported products. All exported fabrics are palletized.

In 2003 Alliance Russian Textile opened a representative office in Italy, Bergamo city. Nowadays main export operations are carried out through the Italian office. From the beginning of the 2004 our company starts to export bed clothes sets in Europe. Part of them is manufactured by the design models offered by client, and other part is manufactured by the special export design collection.

There's a special design center in the structure of Alliance Russian Textile. More than 20 best textile artists develop designs for the Alliance. More than 40 new design models are implemented to the manufacture process.

The company's production got an award 'The best fabric in Russia'. The annual turnover of Alliance Russian Textile is more that 20 million dollars. Due to implementing the new equipment the company is planning to extend a range of export clothes and bed covers sets.
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