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Special clothes for the protection of industrial dirtying and mechanical impacts

Quilted jacket for men GOST 29335-92

The jacket is made with a heat-insulated lining from batting and hinged top. It's used as special clothes. It's made from cotton fabric.
Miner's suite GOST 12.4110-82

The suite protects coal-mining and mineral industry workers against dirtying. It consists of the jacket and trousers. The miner's suite is made from cotton/polyester fabric 'Horizon'.
Working suite for men. GOST 27575-87.

The suite is used for the protection of industrial dirtying. It consists of the jacket and trousers. The suite is made from cotton fabric.
Uniform clothes for the workers of different industries. A working suit for men. (GOST 27575-87)

The suit is used for the uniform outerwear and protects workers against general industrial contaminations in the various industries. There are several types of the suit: they vary by color and fabric. It consists of the jacket, overalls and a cap.
A special suite for the men. For the protection against biological factors. TU 17 RSFSR 5109240-5584-90

The suite protects workers from mechanical impact and biological noxious agents. There are 2 types of the suite:

  • A type - with elastic lace edges of jacket and trousers, with cotton lace at the hinge and lower part of the jacket;
  • B type - with jersey wristlets, rubber string by the lower edges of sleeves and trousers. The hinge is edged with special elastic band and the lower part of the jacket is decorated with lace.
The jacket is fastened by front zipper and a button.
A men's suite for the road workers. TO 78-85700932-42-96

The suite consists of jacket, overalls, and a cap. The jacket is made from combined fabrics, with central fastener and light-reflective strips at the front, on the back, and on sleeves. Overalls have patch pockets, attached belt and fasteners on sides. The lower part of the trousers is regulated by a strap.
A men's summer suite for the security structures and security services TO RF 78-08570932-58-97

The model number is 'CL-69-97' (the uniform is форма одежды is agreed with Senior Management of Fight with organized crime, GUBOP 15.05.1997.) The suite is consists of the jacket and trousers. The jacket is completed with a belt and a zipper, with attached shoulder straps. The trousers are straight and worn over high boots.
Overalls for men. GOST 27575-87

The overalls are with regulated strips fastened by buttons. The overalls are with fasteners in the side and in the middle seam at the front. There is a patch pocket on chest covering. The overalls are made from cotton/polyester fabrics, etc - at the customer's option.
Special working gauntlets. GOST 12.4.010-75

The gauntlets protect arms:

  • against cuts and hard frictions;
  • against lower and higher temperature.
Special gauntlets with vibroprotective lining. GOST 12.4.010-75

The gauntlets help to reduce vibration impact on the worker. Palm covering is made from wearproof covering, and the vibroprotective lining is made from rubber tubes. The gauntlets are made from cotton double-thread cloth (density is 232 grams per square meters) and vinyl leather-T or elastic leather.
Metal apron and armlets TO 78/97-97-93

The metal apron and armlets protects the chest and forearms against knife cuts. They are made from nickel silver wire by weaving. The armlets are fastened on the forearm by the capron lace. The weight of metal apron is near 720 grams and the weight of the metal armlet is not more than 150 grams.
A signal waistcoat TU 17 RSFSR 06-7811-86

The vest is used by road workers and the workers of city transport. The waistcoat is completed with a fastener and patch pockets. The waistcoat is made from cotton and orange raincoat fabric with the density of 234 grams per square meter. At the client's option the waistcoat can be made with light-reflecting strips.
A vest for the city transport drivers.

They're made from the bright raincoat fabrics with light-reflecting strips.
A rucksack ТО 78-97-192-97

The features:

  • At the front. There's a big patch pocket with a lock, and two patch pockets, fastened by press studs;
  • There's an inner pocket at the inner backside.
The rucksack is made from raincoat fabric with a waterproof impregnation. The density is from 234 to 240 grams per square meters.
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