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In August 2004 Alliance Russian started to produce goods under its own brands. 'Unisone' home textile is on sale in leading retail networks and in the supermarkets/hypermarkets of the Russian cities.

Home textile 'Unisone' is a production made for active, optimistic people, who has accustomed to the success in life. Superior quality and a variety of colors bring a beauty and comfort to your house and your life.

Bed clothes 'Unisone' has the next unique features:

  • Each bed clothes set is certified as 'Soft cotton' and has ф quality passport;
  • Newest technologies of cloth treatment help to keep all useful features of natural cotton;
  • Each bed clothes collection has its own group of pictures. The pictures were created according to the trends of the world fashion.
Collection 'Puteshestvie vo sne' (dream travelling).
If you like to travel and to dream about distant countries, if you want to see the world, this bed clothes collection is made for you. In your sleep you will see the streets of Paris, enjoy the fragrance of flowers in Amsterdam, you'll admire lovely Japanese cherry trees, enjoy the delicious Eastern sweets, and even go on safari in exotic Tanzania.

Collection 'Pozelanie' (a wish):
Everybody knows that it's more pleasing to give presents tan to get them. Your present should be nice and beautiful, useful and you should be given in good faith. 'Pozelanie' bed clothes can gave to you closed friends and beloved people as a magic talisman, that brings happiness to your house. 'Nastroenie' bed clothes will make your life lucky and puts you in a good mood. 'Garmoniya' brings a tranquility and comfort to your life. Bed clothes 'Charm' are nice and charming, and 'Euro' bed clothes bring prosperity and success to your life. Don't belive? Come and check! We give a happy card with every set of bed clothes.

Collection 'Dream'
This collection gives you a bohemian poetical mood. The pictures create atmosphere of purity and tenderness.

Collection 'Junior'
Your kids for sure like inimitable bed clothes of 'Junior' collection.

A big variety of 'Unisone' products have been created according to the consumers' preferences and include a wide range of blankets and pillows, which are ideal for bed clothes sets.

Blankets and pillows have a long life time and safe for people, who have an allergy. Soft, fluffy and beautiful terry products will make your bathrooms more comfortable!

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